I’m getting fed up with celebrities—well paid celebs, at that–asking for fan’s money to support their projects. This is beyond entrepreneurship. This is almost like fleecing a bald sheep. And to make matters worse, these projects hire a press rep to publicize their crowdfunding campaign. Here’s a thought: use that fucking money and fund your project with it.

In less than a week, I received two press releases about well known actors and their projects. I, in fact, received two about Sandra Oh’s animation project to which the team is seeking $130 thousand. Oh, while I respect her and her work, both for the Asian Pacific community and on screen, has been on Grey’s Anatomy for 10 years. And while she left the show by choice, she’s clearly not out of a job and destitute. I’m sure she made at least three times the sought amount on one episode of Grey’s. She’s done roughly 220 episodes.

And I’d fuck Mike Vogel (Bates Motel, Under the Dome) but wouldn’t fund him. A little crass but the actor and his project’s team is seeking 40K for a short film which is more or less a commercial to do a feature length film. So basically the filmmaker’s want fans to fund something that will help the filmmakers get more money. And what happens with the original investors? Yeah, don’t have to answer that question.

Have they not learned from the thumping that Zach Braff took in seeking money for his film? And Wish I Was Here was a pretty goddamn horrible film. I actually think I shut it off which I rarely do. The suffering in watching it was too great.

It astounds me that they either can’t see they’re extending the 1% mentality of throwing potato skin shavings to the masses while having Vichyssoise, cold, boiling, or whatever temperature they please. Or that they’re fully aware of it and don’t care.

What happened to self-entrepreneurship? Is that not an option for the 1%? It certainly seems less an option for the 99%given that the rich keep usurping opportunities toward prosperity. Or to even be heard at all.


–Ken Choy

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