This is the most awesome ending to the best series finale ever

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I stand by the comment about The Legend of Korra series finale being the best ever. Simply put, not only was it the ending of the show but the beginning of new thought, new discussion. It took talk about the show to a new level. It took animation to a new level.

For a brief summary, the two-part series finale was as exciting as The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies’ 50-minute battle scene but with more emotion and more feeling. Shame on Nickelodeon for booting it to online only access. The finale culminated in what has been hinted at for a while: the romance of Korra and Asami. Both had been romantically linked to Mako and while Mako professed to Korra that he had her back no matter what, that didn’t result into the two getting back together. Instead the deepening friendship of Asami and Korra evolved, and together they walked into the spirit world together, hand in hand.

It was beautiful. Recently both creators of the show confirmed the relationship as romantic.


I will say that they stole my idea—jokingly so. Without giving too much away, I had a project 20 years ago in which I revealed at the end that the two male leads were lovers. They were always lovers. And it was overt. I’m not revealing the details of the project because I recently revived it, transforming it into a television pilot. The Korra creators mentioned they were under constrictions with Nickelodeon as far as what they would show—the ending did not end in a kiss. This resulted in fan speculation/slashing. But it wasn’t slashing since it was an intended relationship.

On a side note, there’s been more slashing. Prince Wu (played by my friend Sunil Malhotra) is paired with Mako who had been his bodyguard. I joked to Sunil that there was a slash of Prince Wu and his badger pals.

This is what is so fantastic about the show and its finale. It’s spurred thought.

Clearly one of the best shows of 2014. And the best finale in the history of television.


–Ken Choy



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