Yes, I came up with that term. Yes, I should trademark it and make the city buy it. Haven’t I given enough of my marketing genius away for free?


WonderCon Panels

WonderCon panel forms are due today. I believe I’ve mentioned that I was disappointed with WonderCon 2014. Though I felt kind of guilty about it because I love Comic-Con and WonderCon so much, I bailed on the last day. The Weekend Metrolink $10 pass is a great deal but there’s a four hour gap in service. If you’re bored mid-day, you have to tough it out or take the 3 hour bus ride back to LA.

I know WonderCon 2015 will be better. I’m hoping to have 2 panels up—the Disney/ABC Talent Development panel and an exclusive panel with elite Hollywood consultants. Victor Bui at ABC is handling the panel again—he did a great job last year in organizing everything. We plan to maintain the pitching aspect but tie it into the personal and project story. Stay tuned! It will be awesome.

Remember NO ONE is doing what Disney ABC Talent Development is doing in bringing up people to pitch. We started that, and we’ll continue to innovate and make it fresh.

During my journalistic endeavors, I’ve been able to meet some amazing Hollywood players, and I plan to bring several elite and high-priced story and career consultants to WonderCon. We’ll cross-pollinate with the Disney ABC panel as well.




For a year I’ve been talking about 2015 and Anaheim. And why not? Star Wars Celebration will be in Anaheim. 2015 is a D23 year. WonderCon makes it a triumvirate. That’s FAnaheim.


Upcoming is the Natural Products Expo West which is HUGE. They utilize the entire Anaheim Convention Center as well as both adjoining hotels and the courtyard and every other outdoor space. There’s also the OC Auto Show as well.


Siggraph does return to Southern California this year but not Anaheim. They were there 2 years ago though.

I seriously need a house in Anaheim this year. Five major events going down.

2015 is going to be an amazing year especially with FAnaheim.



–Ken Choy



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