Someone invented a machine that inadvertently shrunk everyone, rendering them unable to properly do their jobs.

Or a magical genie popped out of an ancient lamp and accidentally made everyone idiots temporarily.

No, it was aliens.

Any of these excuses is more plausible than the one ABC personnel gave in explaining why they ran with this.


Supposedly a “social media marketing company” was given keys to the kingdom.

Only problem is that anyone who has done anything with Disney knows that NO ONE gets the keys to the kingdom. Jimmy Kimmel can’t even get free Disneyland tickets. And he’s been on ABC for 12 years.


The PR department is especially protective of their brand in anything that goes out. While I have only second-hand and once-removed knowledge of how tightly the PR department holds the reigns, it still made an impression. No logos, no mentions, no references. To even get PR to look at a possible release for a Con panel put on by one of their own departments was torture. Instead of waiting for my press release to be entirely redacted prior to sending it out, I rejiggered the release to say the panel originated from an outside entity. It was ridiculous to navigate through all that red tape.

In consideration of that, what are the odds that ABC personnel didn’t hear about the idea, didn’t see the graphic, and didn’t give approval for it to be sent out?

What are the odds that Mickey Mouse is not in fact a mouse? Hey, Hello Kitty is not a cat, right?



Jeff Yang, who’s the father of star Hudson Yang, star of the series, is active on social media and immediately pointed out the poor judgment of ABC.

Note that Yang himself was attacked for what was construed as a soft condemnation of the tweet. By Eddie Huang himself, he who’s autobiography the show is based on.


I’ll allow that maybe people aren’t used to dealing with race. The lack of diversity on television and film is proof that the industry is out of touch with the real world.

But the individuals who work in entertainment surely have met people from backgrounds other than their own. And the world’s not so monolithic that even if there are individuals who are clueless about anyone else except people who are exactly like them, someone would have called their ignorance out.

I found an iPhone on the street yesterday. In trying to return the device, I said to the owner, “A ‘Thank You” would be appreciated.” She was a Texas Republican lawyer who moved out to California to join her boyfriend on an entertainment marketing company (so I gather from Internet stalking her.) I called the ungrateful bitch out. Maybe next time she’ll thank someone for doing something nice for her.

ABC needs to make sure that this junk doesn’t happen again. Someone needs to take responsibility and say, “Yes, we did it. And we’ll try to insure it doesn’t happen again.”

Else this “Season of Diversity” will end up a “Season for Disaster.”


–Ken Choy



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