Well, it is due to Sarah Shahi’s pregnancy, but Person of Interest did lose its remaining Person of Color on the show. Its MDIA—Missing Diversity in Action.


With Taraji P Henson’s character’s stunning death last year, POI is all white. Joss’ storyline is completely gone—no son, no lover. And the Sapphic flirtation of Shaw and Root ended with a brief kiss before Shah was gunned down. Shahi said her character will return, with an earlier statement that it would be in TWO years. But she’s since backtracked. The characters on the show have already confirmed she’s alive—she’s just being held somewhere.

Shahi is married to Shameless’ Steve Howey who’s character is contending with three newborns. Shahi is pregnant with twins. Good practice for Howey.


–Ken Choy



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