I’ll do anything for my MAPID (Maverick of Asian Pacific Descent) writers group members.


And all of them are doing astounding things. I’ve mentioned Teresa Huang’s participation in the CBS Diversity Writers Mentoring Program. She’s been accepted into a HUGE program which I should be able to tell you about shortly.


Curtis Chin, founder of Wide Lantern, is in Post Production for his documentary, Tested.


Rosie Narasaki has just been hired at Indiewire. She previously wrote for a bunch of websites including Hollywood.com and Bustle.


And that’s just some of them. I’d gather around 50 have passed through at one time or another. We just turned six years old.


Jason Fong is an astounding playwright with a unique voice. Sure, everyone says that. But with Jason’s writings is clear that he has a special gift. Leaning toward the absurd and experimental, there’s a sense of whimsy that grabs hold of you that won’t let go. His phrasing is especially distinct.


Jason currently has two works underway. A musical adaptation of a play he wrote, Fentor will be premiering in North Hollywood. Jason had little to do with the production beyond letting New Musicals Inc adapt his play. Jason and his supporters will attend Fentor on Valentine’s Day but it has several performances. There’ll be plenty of LOVE for Jason regardless if it is on the 14th or not. Those performances are gratis so you can make love for Jason for free. Donations accepted. For the performance. You’ll have to ask Jason if you can apply it for anything else…


The main project Jason is working on is his Old People Play. Utilizing esteemed Asian American actors including Rodney Kageyama, Traci kato-Kiriyama, Sharon Omi, Takayo Fischer, and Emily Kuroda. Shin Kawasaki is collaborating on the music.


Old People Play will be performed at
Inner-City Arts (the Rosenthal Theater).
720 Kohler St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

March 13 – March 15, 2015.

Here’s how it’s described.

Old People Play follows Ben as he struggles to reconcile his life when he abruptly finds himself (literally) sitting in Death’s waiting room along with a quirky (and surprisingly vivacious) group of old timers. Themes of love, letting go, and living life to the fullest permeate the play; all aggregating into a story that’s in equal measures raucously funny, gut-punchingly sad and quietly charming.

You can help Jason get his project up on stage via Indiegogo.

Here’s how you can get tickets as well.



–Ken Choy



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