You’re too late. Yes, you missed the early deadline for the Producers Guild of America’s Power of Diversity workshop. But the final deadline is within grasps—it’s April 13 so there’s time. You would have saved $15—which is why my application is in there already—but if it’s worth submitting a less-rushed application to the program, by all means, take that time.


This is first out the gates for the 2015 onslaught of application due dates for the diversity programs. Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship has their deadline set in January/February and HBO was deluged with applications from their new writing fellowship a couple weeks ago. But the main ones—CBS, NBC, ABC, and Warner Brothers all have their deadlines in the April/May/June area. FOX’s Writers Intensive is by nomination.

The PGA’s program is different than the other writing programs. While the structure is similar to components of the CBS, NBC, FOX, and Warner Brothers programs as far as weekly and bi-weekly workshops, many of the Power of Diversity sessions have participants developing their pitch with the incoming VIPs. Showrunners, producers, writers, and executives are brought in. In her teleseminar, Jen Grisanti, an instructor for NBC’s Writers on the Verge, uses this interactive format in which students can pitch a guest.

The PGA program is also, of course, focused on producers. Not just content creators. It’s my opinion that a mere script is not good enough anymore. I believe it’s imperative that content creators learn aspects of producing and think about marketing when conceptualizing an idea.

So be my competition. Get your application in. Deadline is April 13.



–Ken Choy



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