I was forbidden to release details until Writers Guild of America West sent out an official release but now we at Wide Lantern can cheer again for Teresa Huang.

I believe we should institute a Teresa Huang Hits Big Column because she is racking up the wins. And this is a biggie.

Traditionally the Writers Guild of America West Access Project fosters the project of the honorees in a multitude of ways including mentorships and seminars and providing access for industry folk to familiarize themselves with the writers and their work. You can read the works of Teresa and the other honorees on the WGAW website.


I’ve been informed that there won’t be a presentation this year but stay tuned for more details on the honorees. Past honoree Lena Waithe sold her pilot Twenties to BET. She was also a producer of the hit film Dear White People.

Has this Been Done?

As for our pal Teresa Huang, she is currently in three fellowships simultaneously: the CBS Diversity Institute’s Writers Mentoring Program, the CAPE fellowship, and now the WGAW Access Project. She may have set a record. She’s the Meryl Streep of writer programs.


Here’s more from the press release:

2015 TV WAP Comedy Honorees

Chuck Hayward – I’m Not Your Gay Friend

Dennis Hensley – Misadventures in the (213)

2015 TV WAP Drama Honorees

Natalie Antoci – The Gables

Bill Balas – Affliction

Marc Bernardin – The Last Remaining Light

Cynthia Greenburg – Jamestown

Teresa Huang – The Chain

Diarra Kilpatrick – The Dirty Dozen

Jack Monaco – The Professor

Karen Struck – The Compound

Rebecca Taylor – La Reina

Created as a proactive response to the chronically low numbers of diverse writers hired in television, the WGAW Diversity Department’s TV Writer Access Project targets television writers in five underrepresented categories – minority writers, writers with disabilities, women writers, older writers (55 and up), and LGBT writers – to help open doors and increase employment opportunities for diverse writers.

The Guild’s peer-judging TV WAP program is designed to enlist its own membership to identify and recognize outstanding, yet underutilized, diverse writing talent, as well as provide viable resources for accessing their work to entertainment industry decision-makers, including showrunners, producers, network and studio executives, agents, and managers. Since its inception in 2009, TV WAP has achieved tangible results, facilitating the employment of numerous diverse television writers over the last several years.

This was the second year that TV showrunners Glen Mazzara and Eric Garcia & Leo Chu organized and led a series of seminars during February aimed at this year’s crop of TV WAP Honorees, which covered such relevant topics as: how to interview with a showrunner, crafting your own personal story, jumpstarting your career, and how to pitch.

For more information on this year’s slate of TV WAP honorees and their work, click here.


–Ken Choy



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