I’m watching Top Five, an extremely enjoyable movie. Witty premise, smart dialogue.


Then all of the sudden Chris Rock’s character asks Rosario Dawson’s whether she dated an Asian. He does so in this perplexed, disbelieving manner. “Asian Asian?” “Kung Fu Asian or nerdy Asian?” Dawson’s character tells him off, which doesn’t really dissipate the impact of the derision. Because we’re on the side of Rock’s character.


What the hell is an “Asian Asian”?


When people started to compare Top Five to Woody Allen, labeling it Chris Rock’s Manhattan, I jumped on Twitter saying, “Why does it have to be compared to a white man’s work? Why can’t Top Five just be Top Five?” I’ll still stand up for the film. But like Kobayashi in Usual Suspects, you just say, “What the fuck?”



–Ken Choy



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