I was hanging out with my friend Sunil Malhotra the other night. And while we were talking, he did these odd gestures and physical gyrations, for a lack of a better word. I had to tell him. It was so Prince Wu.



I asked Sunil if they filmed him while he was voicing the Legend of Korra character. As you know the final season has become legendary itself because of his groundbreaking and unmistakable depiction of the lead character’s bisexuality. And we’re not talking about shipping. (#WuKo rules). Korra and her friend Asami who both dated the same guy ended the show hand-in-hand. Prince Wu was an integral character for the final season. He was comic relief. He had a character arc. And he ended up worthy of being on Team Korra, realizing his heroism when it counted. But he was also odd, annoying, and court jester-ish. I never saw Sunil as that kind of person. He’s studly, handsome, and not overwhelmingly abnormal.

But I swear, that was Prince Wu in full flesh and blood in front of me.

Sunil has a Twitter handle @ThatSunil that is sorely under-followed. Follow him.

I’m bringing him to WonderCon next week so he can check out the convention scene. Find him and see Prince Wu in the flesh. But if too many people rush at him, we’ll set up an impromptu booth and start selling autographs.


–Ken Choy



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