Social media is still thought of as Low-Fi. But as a panel of industry leaders at the LA Games Conference pointed out, social media is an important component of an artist’s overall portfolio. And a lack thereof may cost you a job.


Chris Jacquemin, Head of Digital, WME Entertainment: Some are going to be compensated specifically because of their following, and others because they are simply phenomenal performers. Ben Stiller (a WME client) is absolutely a bankable feature film star. If you go down the list, with middle-tier and lower tier players and the casting director is looking at two different people, and one person is on Twitter and has a million followers and the other person’s not using social media, that is becoming a factor in who gets that job. So our roster is very conscious of this. [The WME team] is very conscious of this and is educating the list to make sure everybody knows they need to be engaged. It’s not something you can ignore and assume it’s just something for the kids. And “I don’t really need to pay attention to it.” It is affecting their business. It is affecting their income.”


Josh Yguado, President and COO, SGN: Kim Kardashian has a very clear sense of what her tweets and what her social interaction is going to do. And how it’s going to drop to her bottom line.

Jesse Sisgold, COO, Skydance Productions: I’m absolutely looking at every single talent and seeing what they add not just onscreen but their following and everything else. That just should absolutely be part of the equation and part of the deal.


–Ken Choy



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