At the Comic-Con 2015 Hall H Vampire Diaries presentation, Kaimon ruled the hour. What’s Kaimon? It’s a popular ship that I had no idea was popular until actor Chris Wood who starred as this season’s baddie made a video in which he full-on made out with Ian Somerhalder. It was a parody of Elena and Damon’s rain scene from season 6 episode 7. They promise that their love is forever. Well, as Nina Dobrev has left the show, people were shipping Kaimon.
Only problem is Kai also died. The Delena rain scene parody was classic. Find it a million gifs on Youtube and elsewhere.
They also propagated Kai and Bonnie. That’s just gross.
Kai and Damon. Kind of hot.
Incidentally I waited just an hour in the Hall H line and got in with plenty of time before the panels started. It was Vampire Diaries and Supernatural back to back. Some slept overnight for the panel–hahaa. Hall H, except for the mega Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Star Wars block, was incredibly easy to get into.


–Ken Choy



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