Clearly one of the best shows on television, black-ish is at the top of the list of Emmy 2015 snubs. Smartly written, subversive, and oh-so funny, that the show was left off the list clearly evidences the need for an overhaul. I frequently walk by the TV Academy’s building construction at its North Hollywood campus. They could apply that to its membership who by peer group vote for the nominees.

That goes the same for Tim Goodman who, in his analysis of this year’s nominations, failed to mention the black-ish snub. He does include Jaime Camil who while funny on Jane the Virgin is given the same thing to do each week. I agree that Gina Rodriguez should have been considered for Best Actress, but there are so many other candidates to jeer the Academy for. Emmy Rossum has been completely ignored for her work on Shameless, and The Goldbergs Wendi Mclendon Covey seems to be going down that route. That’s a shame.

For Pub’s Sake

Who can forget the Republican episode of black-ish (and for that matter The Goldbergs)?

And it’s not just an Obama thing. He could have drop kicked this baby, and I still would have voted for him. 91% of black people voted for [insert picture of Walter Mondale] this guy. Fact. 91% of Walter Mondale’s family didn’t vote for Walter Mondale.”

Rainbow, in hearing the news that her son is a Republican, “Well, that’s okay. So he wants to shop at Banana Republic. They have a crazy, generous return policy.”

Dre tries again, “A notary public? That’s a noble profession. Will save us tons of time.”

20 minutes later.

“A member of the Irish Republican Army? So if you got to take down a couple of fish and chip shops to be free of British rule, you got to do what you got to do.”

Rainbow finally gets it. “No. We don’t do that, Dre. We are compassionate liberals who believe in tolerance, acceptance, open–”

Dre, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Bow, we’re black. That’s all that matters.”

His grandmother comes in, “Well, that’s fine. He wants to be a British tavern owner. Noble profession.”

I’ve never been a fan of Anthony Anderson but he has hit his stride on black-ish, and I’m glad that he was nominated for an Emmy. But that doesn’t make up for the eggregiousness of leaving out the show for best Comedy series. News flash: you don’t have to be black to laugh. It may go over the heads of the vast majority of white people in the Academy or they may have run deeper into the Valley come time when the show’s promoted on campus.

While the rest of the pundits are pining for The Americans nominations, they should be focused on Jenifer Lewis who also should be on the list for Series Guest. And let’s not forget on the drama side, Empire, Terence Howard, and for hecks sake, Marla Gibbs for Scandal.

That they were left off the nominees list is so white-ish.


–Ken Choy



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