Pixar’s newest short, which will play alongside The Good Dinosaur in November, will be screened for attendees to the Pixar Renderman’s Art and Science Fair at Siggraph next month. Sanjay’s Superhero Team recently had its North American premiere at Comic-Con 2015 to rousing reviews. Now the Pixar team will offer the chance for more to see the short at its expanded annual get-together.

That people can identify the properties by the backgrounds alone is an indicator of the genius at Pixar. And Sanjay’s Superhero Team follows suit with its distinctive art that could launch a multi-billion dollar franchise. All it takes is a glance at a frame of artwork to realize its specialness, and when added with what has been called Pixar’s most personal story ever, the experience is transcending.
Directed and conceived by Sanjay Patel, the short focuses on an Indian boy bored with meditative ritual. He instead daydreams of Hindu gods as superheroes like the Avengers and in so doing, develops a deeper appreciation of his own culture. The short World Premiered at the Amnecy International Animation Film Festival in France.
Pixar will again have its popular booth this year at Siggraph, and for the first time, will have a booth at D23 Expo as well. At this time, no Pixar presentation will include Sanjay’s Super Team. The company will discuss Inside Out, Lava, and Big Hero 6. At D23, fans will pack the 10,000 seat arena–renamed Hall D23–for the Pixar presentation. What an astounding Animated August.
The Pixar Renderman Team has expanded their annual User Meeting to include individual booths, feature presentation, and the screening of the Pixar short. Of course, stupid Renderman tricks and the exclusive party Teapot will be offered up for attendees.


–Ken Choy



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