Who was that dolt moderating The Flash panel?

I knew she was awkward at the get-go when she tried to rally the crowd in her squeaky British voice. Clearly she was not a geek. A YouTube search revealed that it was Laura Prudum of Variety. When she introduced Jesse L. Martin, Grant Gustin backstage looked confused and ultimately came out.
Later in the panel, she pointed a question to Geoff Johns at the end except she was asking a question to Martin. Martin was not even in San Diego, and after an awkward silence, the panel told Prudum the actor couldn’t make it. FAIL! What a fucking idiot.
The Variety reporter makes no mention of moderating The Flash panel in her Twitter feed. I’m surprised FX didn’t dump her for the next day’s The Strain panel. How lame can you be? Jesse L Martin is African American and has been on TV like forever. To not even know who your panelists are or clearly not watch the show the panel is about is Cardinal Sin #1 in moderating. The moderator podium should be placed directly on top of a drop chute. When a major fail is committed, down the moderator goes.
Hopefully this will put an end to entertainment reporters moderating panels.1% are actually any good, and less than that actually do the research.


–Ken Choy



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