Frankly speaking, Hollywood has not changed much since Blood Diamonds was released in 2006. Enlightening about the horrifying acts of murder and mutilation, the film should have given starlets a pause in that year’s Academy Awards. It didn’t, and that Hollywood still flaunts itself with diamonds is cringe-worthy at best.


The star of Blood Diamonds, Leonardo DiCaprio, is a noted environmentalist. He recently invested in a company that claims to grow diamonds in a lab in  just two weeks. That’s real diamonds, not the synthetic ones that no actress would want to wear around her neck, wrist, or finger. The Diamond Foundry is a Santa Clara company which raised $100 million from Silicon Valley bigwigs such as Jeff Skoll and Mark Pincus and Hollywood heavyweight including DiCaprio. The tech basically grows diamonds on top of diamonds like a Kombucha Scoby. The new diamond is scraped off to grow more diamonds. Vowing to end the pricing practices that also taint the diamond industry, Diamond Foundry uses an 8000 degree reactor in a process that leaves no carbon footprint, they state. But even though they can grow diamonds in a short amount of time, their diamonds are rare–less than .1% of diamonds are born in the foundry.



Will we see Foundry diamonds this awards season? Well, no one will ever know because the differences between mined diamonds and diamonds born in their Foundry are indiscernible to even expert gemologists.

Read an in-depth Business Insider article on Diamond Foundry as well as the company’s story on the Diamond Foundry website.


–Ken Choy

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