The President will be in the house at the annual AT&T Developer Summit and Hackathon. Beleaguered President Underwood, that is. Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey will be giving a special presentation about the value and integrity of arts and culture January 4. Held again at the Palms Casino and Resort, the Summit and Hackathon will receive more of a spotlight this year due to the 2016 International CES starting on Tuesday rather than Monday. The largest consumer technology convention in the world, CES literally takes over Vegas every January. Ancillary shows such as AT&T and Storage Visions usually are stuck in its shadow. In 2016, CES will open to the public on Wednesday, with Press Day on Tuesday. That opens up Monday for other events to shine.


AT&T usually doesn’t spare any expense at this event,¬† and bringing in the House of Cards star puts a stamp on its commitment. Many Hollywood celebrities appear for signings on the CES convention floor but generally presentations and speeches are given by CEOs of multi-national conglomerates. But the actor, who was Artistic Director of the The Old Vic, stars in a show that changed the nature of the television industry. The success of Netflix’s House of Cards legitimized streaming content and altered entertainment distribution theories. Technology and entertainment are so intertwined that it’s almost impossible to talk about one without the other.


We’ll see what the Prez says. They’re currently shooting the next season of Cards. Maybe there’ll be some scoops as well.


(You’d think AT&T would have a more user-friendly site but its not. You’re hard-pressed to figure out where events are held–it is at the Palms with other venues for parties, etc.)

–Ken Choy




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