Lately several shows have utilized classic song re-dos. Grey’s Anatomy has practically made it a theme for this year. Britney Spears and Huey Lewis have been covered on the show.

And now, The Vampire Diaries, which seems to be inspired by other shows in many ways this year, is jumping on the oldies remake. Cyndi Lauper was just covered on a recent episode–I can’t even recall if it was True Colors or Girls Just Want to Have Fun. The show previously played a cover for All through the Night.


Grey’s spent half of the season covering 80s songs. Previously the show broke ground for its soundtracks and giving breaks to new artists.

Has licenses expired for collections or is television following suit with the movie industry with the lack of content? I guess the music can’t keep up with the so-called Golden Age of Television. I know a lot of musicians who would love to get their songs played on a hit show. It’s not that I don ‘t appreciate the songs, but do we really need a preponderance of covers of classic songs?

–Ken Choy




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