I never jumped on the bandwagon for Manny Pacquiao. In fact, the only reason he had favor with me is that he made me a large sum of money. I audited for a Pay TV provider. During his fights, there were establishments that would broadcast them without paying an extra fee. I made over a thousand dollars in just a few hours by documenting the illegal broadcasts.

His recent anti-homosexual posts on Instagram as well as his previous interview in which he espoused his anti-gay sentiments are so vociferously hateful that he must be fearful of his own desires to get fucked in the ass. That’s probably why he was such a good boxer is because if he didn’t strike his opponents, he would have sucked them off.

C’mon, there’s no sane reason why a person would be so adamantly against other human beings for who they are.

Give it up, Manny. Admit you want to take it up your ass and shut the fuck up.

ABS-CBN took a screenshot of Pacquaio's Instagram post

ABS-CBN took a screenshot of Pacquaio’s Instagram post


And isn’t it odd that the none of the leading Asian American blogs–I actually couldn’t find any, so-called leading or otherwise, blogs dealing with API news, that has even MENTIONED Pacquiao and his extreme homo-hating.

–Ken Choy

(sentiments are not of Wide Lantern but of my own personal opinion)

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