After much procrastination, I just submitted my entry into Project Greenlight’s New Normal Writing Contest. As mentioned before, the contest is for diverse and under-represented writers. The three winners selected will have the opportunity to create a digital series along with the PG team, a showrunner, and director.


Some tips on submitting:

  • Even though this detail can be found in  the Second Round section, it appears the system wants the PDF of the one-page synopsis to be labelled thusly: LastName_Title_Date
  • You must have a Facebook account to submit. On the PG website, it has a direct link that opens up a Facebook page. This cannot be accessed via Facebook directly–an app creates a link to your account.
  • There are additional boxes to fill out on the form: logline, short bio, and a description of why you consider yourself under-represented.
  • A green bar at the bottom of the page indicates that your upload was successful.
  • Immediately after submission, you’ll receive an email verifying that your submission was received.


It seems there was a slight altering of the dates to give the review process a bit more time. I’m assuming they’ve received many submissions. There’s no fee. Could be a reason why. And it’s Matt and Ben!


Submissions will be taken through 11:59PM PST TONIGHT!!


–Ken Choy

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