The number one tip for going to WonderCon 2016 is Take The Metro.

The Pico station is one block away from the LA Convention Center where the event has moved to for this year.

The Blue Line and the Expo line run alternately and the wait time between the two is 5-10 minutes.

You can find my tips on HOW to ride the metro here:

Los Angeles Travelers: Save Money and Get a Tap Card

Do Not Tap When Deboarding LA’s Metro


–Always Tap except when deboarding. This is not New York.

–The fare for subway or bus is $1.75. That fare is good for 2 hours of rides and transfer. HOWEVER if you transfer to the same line that you have ridden, you will pay another $1.75. That means if you leave a station, you will pay again. At the Pico station, theoretically you are supposed to tap when entering the outdoor station. But being that Expo and Blue Lines can be considered different lines, you can ride one then another without paying an additional fee. However if an agent is at the podium watching whether you tap or not, you’re out of luck.

If your first tap is at 2:05PM, your last tap has to be before 4:05 PM.

–There are sheriffs who check your TAP card to see whether you have tapped or not. You will get a large ticket if you have not. They ride the train and are stationed at the turnstiles as well as walk the station.

–A TAP card costs $1. Do not throw them away.

–A Day Pass costs $7. So if you'[re just coming and going in straight trips, pay the individual fare. If you’re going to do a lot of hopping on and off and traveling back and forth, get a day pass.


If you must park, consider parking near USC. There are a lot of neighborhood parking that is unregulated. It’s Spring Break as well. Then walk to the metro stations near the campus and take that in.

Early Sunday morning you MAY find street parking. But there’s also construction so look at the signs.

Expect lot fees to be at the gouged rate. Traffic will also be a nightmare.


–Ken Choy

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