At WonderCon 2016, All convention areas seem to be guarded with barricades requiring tapping in AND out with your RFID badges. That means if you enter the program areas, the exhibition hall, and other rooms where a badge is required, you have to tap. And you also have to tap when leaving.


The badges are very cool, btw, with the Batman vs Superman graphic.


One of my badges did not work. I was given a bye at the 12PM opening of the exhibition hall and was told to go back to where I got my badge to correct it.lengthy a wait

When I got to registration, I was then sent to the Help Desk which soon got very crowded. Not as lengthy a wait as it was for the professional lines which swelled soon after the show started.

Not sure how this process will be at San Diego Comic-Con but hopefully the kinks will be worked out at WonderCon.


–Ken Choy

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