Okay, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t the greatest film. And neither were the effects. It seems Zack Snyder spent so much time trying to be moody that he forgot to make a movie that was enjoyable to both the mind and eye.

But the props are something worth taking a look at. Costumes and props from that movie as well as the upcoming Suicide Squad will be on display at the Warner Brothers Archives. And you can see them if you are on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Hollywood. The exhibit opens tomorrow, May 24.


During the tour, you’ll make about a 20 minute stop to see what’s on display. You’ll see comics of the first appearances of the Justice League, video games, and the actual props and costumes used for the two movies. The television show Gotham is also represented with some costumes and set pieces. No CW stuff is here–disappointing for fans of Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl.

The exhibit is downstairs from the Harry Potter exhibit.


You can save $5 off the tour by inputting the code DCUTE when ordering online.

More photos are posted on GizmoPorn.

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