I know you scrambled yesterday to get in your applications for NBC Writers on the Verge and the Warner Brothers TV Writing Workshop.

Don’t sleep just yet because the application deadline for the Disney ABC Writing Program is TODAY. You have until 11:59;59PM PST to get your application postmarked. Be careful because some branches Pre-Date their self-service machine to the next day when the walk-up teller portion of the post office closes.

Many airport areas have all-nighter post offices just like Los Angeles does.

Disney ABC requires both a spec script on an existing TV show as well as an original pilot. Biographical statements as requested in their application guidelines are VERY important.

Get writing because you have hours left to go.

And remember, across the board of these writing programs, 10-20% are disqualified because they didn’t follow the submission guidelines. Don’t be that 20%.

–Ken Choy

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