The stunning FX of the hit movie, Jungle Book will be featured on a production panel at Siggraph 2016.

If you haven’t been to Siggraph, it’s an incredible experience with an exhibit hall as well as panels, art exhibits, talks, discussions, and a plethora of parties. Their production panels are fascinating, and WAYYYYY better than anything you can get from a DVD/Blu-Ray extra. And there’s a lot of activities and giveaways too.


Here’s the panel blurb for the Jungle Book session which is scheduled for Tuesday July 26 at 3:45:

The visual effects team behind Jon Favreau’s live-action adaptation of “The Jungle Book” discusses the creative and technical challenges behind bringing the story’s characters and stunning full CG environments to life. A team of over 800 CG artists led by Production VFX Supervisor Rob Legato, MPC VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez, Animation Supervisor Andy Jones, and Weta Digital VFX Supervisor Keith Miller, worked for two years to animate over 60 species of animal; craft the mountain temple, trees, rocks, and vines; and simulate earth, fire, and water.

You can check out the complete advance program here.


–Ken Choy


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