Miss Universe 2016 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach appeared at Licensing Expo today at the WME/IMG booth to take photo booth shots with attendees. Though she was slated to appear with her fellow pageant holder, DeShauna Barber had a conflict and was not able to attend. Expect Barber to follow in Wutzbach’s footsteps as she is truly unique as far as pageant holders go. Her ability to think as she answers questions and not give a stilted, prepared answer separates her from the field. You really get the feeling that she is speaking from the heart and her mind.

WME/IMG which now owns the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants worked Pia for six hours though she did have breaks. And at the beginning, after the initial rush, there wasn’t a line waiting to snap photos with her.


Here’s Pia and I doing the pageant wave.

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