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Paul Frank is at the Licensing Expo this week and attendees are being treated to this adorable enjoyable man. Why they even can scoot up on one of the Julius bar stools and chat with him for 20 minutes as I did. He was there making pillows all day, pillows of some of his new characters coming out for 2017. He’ll give away those pillows at the end of the show.

During those 20 minutes we talked about a host of things including a possibility of going to San Diego Comic-Con. Not officially as all the spaces are sold but in some off-shoot manner. I think the details are being ironed out and it’s not clear whether it would be with Saban or just on his own bringing his awesome characters with him. I’d instantly ask my favorite rep Kelsey Lynch but she recently left her position as Saban’s press director. I’ve been asking her to bring Julius to SDCC for years although she has her hands full with Power Rangers during the Con.

Self Made

Paul taught himself to sew! He was showing my mother how he was putting in stitching on the corners. Yes, he’s that fucking cool and down to earth. He said that the end of Julius Jr was sudden. Frank recently came onboard as Director of Creative Development for Paul Frank industries. That was after a 10 year hiatus where the partners of his company forced him out. Saban acquired the company in 2010. Paul Frank industries had an unfortunate incident in 2012 when an OUTSIDE PR company threw a Powwow which featured Julius in war paint and guests posing with tomahawks. Because the name of the living person Paul Frank is in the title of Paul Frank Industries, he himself received criticism. Saban’s Elie Dekel responded to the criticism directly and Paul Frank industries partnered with several Native American designers.

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Paul Frank said that he was focusing more on scaling back Julius. He’s made a number of one of a kind pieces like 3D art work. He’s interested in exhibiting at smaller venues as opposed to the mass market approach of the brand. He’s also interested in doing sewing/crafting events. One he did previously sold out 200 spaces in  seconds. The pillows will be One of a Kind. My mother was telling him about her fundraiser she was hosting and that she was looking for gift bag items as he was telling her about the pillows. I instantly jumped in and said “Uh he’s like major famous and after he makes those pillows, there won’t be any more.” They are handmade–he even showed us how he’s stuffing them!


Collectors will pay hundreds to have one of those. To give you an idea of how cool Paul is, he was unfazed by it all and went on with his naturally good humor.

He’s the Greatest guy ever.

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