There’s so much going in July.

The biggies are San Diego Comic-Con 2016 and Siggraph 2016 which will be in Anaheim. The shows overlap on the Sunday of SDCC.

August is usually when the food festivals kick up in high gear in SoCal with LA Food and Wine Festival (August 25-28) and LA Times The Taste (September 2-4). And don’t forget Western Food Service and Hospitality Expo (August 28-30). But two more events have joined the party, and they start in July.

unnamedThere’s the 2nd Annual California Hot Sauce Expo 2016 held at Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach on July 16 and 17th. Presented by High River Sauces, 40 of the greatest hot sauce companies from around the world will show how spicy they are to attendees. Some of the companies represented are: 9 Circles, Big Daddy’s Hot Sauce, Bocas Hot Sauce, Born To Hula, Bravado Spice, Char Man Brand, Cobra Chiles, Cully’s, Deaf Mans BBQ, El Machete, El Yucateco Hot Sauce, Ghost Scream, Heartbreaking Dawns, Heat Hot Sauce Shop, Hella Hot Hot Sauce, High River Sauces, Hoboken Eddies, Homeboys Hot Sauce, Hot Licks, Hot Sauce Goddess, Humboldt Hot Sauce, Infinity Hot Sauce, Jabberwocky Hot Sauce, Lucky Dog, Mikey V’s Hot Sauce, Oso Pepper Company, Overkill Hot Sauce, Palo Alto Firefighters, Paulman Acres, Precious Sauces, Proper Pickles, Puckerbutt, Purple Panda, Tabanero, Texas Rib Ranger, Woodland Hills Hot Sauces, and others.

There are plenty of food and eating contests to compete in including “The Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper Eating Challenge.” Judged and hosted by the Guinness Book of Records, you can compete against Wayne Algenio who at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2016, ate 119 grams of peppers in 60 seconds, setting a world record. There’s also the California Margarita Mix-Down Championship as well as Taco Eating, Chicken Wing Eating, Amateur Hot Sauce Making, Pure Evil Challenge: A Cup-O Noodles Challenge, People’s Choice “Best Hot Sauce” Awards, and more.

Tickets are $10 with packages available with further benefits.

And even more–Gourmetzia Expo


There’s also a show I’ve never heard of before: Gourmetzia Expo, Held July 30 and 31, it will be at the West Hall at the LA Convention Center. Focusing on artisan made foods and beverages, the show has a lifestyle section called Beauty Via. There is conflicting information–under the tickets tab, it lists that the show will be at LA Mart. This doesn’t seem to be related to Artisan LA which moved its show away from the California Gift Show and LA Mart to the Reef in April. Tickets for Gourmetzia Expo are $30.



–Ken Choy

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