Tonight the documentary Aviatrix: The Katherine Sui Fan Story screens at the Long Beach Indie Film Festival. Directed by Ed Moy and written by Moy and Timothy Tau, the film focuses on the daredevil stunt pilot and member of the all-women’s pilots club, the Ninety-Nines. The documentary is part of a multi-tiered project revolving around Cheung’s life. Other facets include an animated short film, an illustrated children’s book, and a traveling exhibition.


Here’s the filmmakers’ synopsis:

The story of Katherine Sui Fun Cheung, who as a teenager emigrated to America where she fell in love with flying and dreamed of becoming a pilot. In the 1930s, she refused to be denied the opportunity to fly an airplane during a period in history when less than 1% of all pilots were women. Defying racial prejudices and gender biases, she earned her pilot’s license and joined the Ninety-Nines, an all-women pilot’s club whose members included the legendary Amelia Earhart. Katherine went on to became an adventurous daredevil stunt pilot performing at air shows and competing in air races.

Along with historical footage, the film includes interviews with Congressperson Judy Chu and Cheung’s daughter, Dottie Leschenko.

The film screens tonight, September 1 at the Cinemark Theatres at the Pike Outlets 99 South Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802


–Ken Choy

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