A Gallup analysis of the likelihood of how you will vote in this election was profiled in Business Insider.

Gallup senior economist Jonathan Rothwell reported his findings in analyzing SURVEYS (July 15-Aug 16, 2016) that several variables can predict how likely you are to vote for Trump. Note that this is prior to the allegations of sexual misconduct went widespread including the Access Hollywood tape release.

I say “Bullshit.”

Their own Gallup poll published in 2013 suggested that Asian Americans are largely Democrats. Enter “Asian American Democrat” and you’ll find a bunch of articles on how Asian Americans are “Loyal Democrats.”

I’m Asian American and Pacific Islander and personally, #ImWithNasty.

Here’s their dubious analysis outlining each variable that may contribute to your leaning toward Trump:


Male: +14 percentage points
White: +9
Installation and repair workers: +9
Transportation workers: +7
Asian: +6
Veteran family: +6
Self-employed: +6
Manufacturing worker: +5
Sales worker: +4
Unemployed +4
High school diploma (max): +3
Less diverse area: +3
Less educated area: +3
Farmer: +3
Business owner: +3
Older: +3
Married: +2
Parent: +2
Richer: +2
Area with worse white health: +2
Area with fewer non-profits: +1
Area with less manufacturing: +1
Area with lower voting rate: +1
Less urban area: +1
Farther from Mexico: +1
Whiter area: +1
Less white area: -1
Closer to Mexico: -1
More urban area: -1
Area with higher voting rate: -1
Area with more manufacturing: -1
Area with more non-profits: -1
Catholic: -1
Part-time worker: -1
Area with better white health: -2
Poorer: -2
Clerical worker: -2
Professional: -2
Younger: -3
No high school diploma: -3
More diverse area: -3
More educated area: -3
Union: -4
Mormon: -7
Bachelor’s degree (max): -9
Jewish: -9
LGBTQ: -10
Atheist: -11
Female: -14
Post-grad degree: -16
Muslim: -16
Black: -19
Hispanic -20

–Ken Choy

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