As if the country needs more convincing that Donald Trump is a misogynist racist self-serving bastard, a new petition calls for the tapes to The Apprentice to be released.

Mark Burnett and MGM have released statements that they are not legally able to do so. They don’t say what exactly that legality is.

I like the majority of sound-thinking humans believe that Trump is merely using taxpayer and donor money to advertise his and his family’s products so they continue to live off other people’s hard earned money and not pay taxes or debts. So calls for him to drop out and #DumpTrump falls on deaf ears. For one, it’s too late. Secondly, he’s enjoying bilking Americans out of their money. That is accentuated by the fact that he continues to employ shock-TV tactics to get people to tune in. He still continues to appear at his properties and continues to collect the fees associated with that. He’s now realized that he can appear at some small town diner to rev those willing to spike their Kool-Aid with hate. The more willing to drink in his vile the more sales he gets.

Will the tapes change opinions of him? Maybe. But it will force the GOP to”condemn” him if only to spare their own political standing.



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