I assume you heard that certain AMC theaters will be holding Election Events throughout the country tomorrow.

It’s free though there is a suggestion to be there early, just like any other free screening.

The event starts at 4PM when the election results start coming in. (Shouldn’t they start a little earlier than that?) So I’m assuming they’ll have people settled by 3:45. Look to get there an hour earlier at least.

Though if you have a choice of waiting in the long lines expected in California vs. going to the AMC event, PLEASE VOTE FIRST.

At the North Hollywood library, there were 500 people still lined up on Saturday after the early voting polls closed.

AMC has partnered with CNN on this event so CNN coverage will be what’s on screen. There shouldn’t be any ban on cell phones. And there’ll be refreshments for purchase, even a special drink at theaters with bars in them.

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