cannot be undone. We’ve already seen what a Trump presidency looks like. And it’s bad. And it’s only just begun.

Take a look at kids taunting Latinos with, “Build a Wall.” Or the numerous graffiti emblazoned with KKK and Nazi messages. Or the anti-Muslim assaults.

Asian Americans, think you’re safe?

(article has been removed–link is to tweet. An Asian American was yelled at “Go Back to Asia” then handcuffed by police.)


LGBTQ, think you’re safe?

People with disabilities, how about you?

This will be a nation where the rape and assault of women will be dealt with a smirk and a roll of the eyes.


What someone painted on a wall in Durham, North Carolina


No matter what happens, this is what has awoken. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a red state or a blue state, it’s not going back to sleep.



In terms of the Electoral College debacle, a friend posted on Facebook that she thought a sound plan of action is to move to the red states.

I responded by saying that I lived in an all-white suburb in Minnesota, which is reliably a blue state. I also relayed my recent experiences here in Sunland where I overheard two of my white neighbors conspiring to rob me. In light of the recent uprisings of hate crimes as well as my own experiences, I told her that she’s asking people to become martyrs.

She responded by saying, “Dude” (not a good sign when a person retorts back with that) “I’m FROM the midwest.” She used elipses to, I suppose, articulate her umbrage. She then says she lived in a suburb of Chicago but her neighbors were awesome.

Good for her for her idyllic life.

Those were not my experiences. And they are not the experiences of these people either.


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