It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter.


Have I ever had a fantasy of being kidnapped by Lucius Malfoy? Can’t say that I have. But if that’s what gets your Potterhead spinning, you might want to tune into The OA on Netflix.

I must say I wasn’t terribly interested in the pilot episode. There were a lot of concepts thrown at you that made it off-putting. Jason Isaacs doesn’t even appear until the second episode. By that time, you’re so glad he did. Even tho–SPOILER–he plays the bad guy. Well, I mean, come on, he’s Jason Isaacs! I actually sat right in front of him at a staged interview at a film festival. He’s remarkably charismatic, good-looking, and playful.

The Structure

One thing I do have to compliment is the structure to which episodes are set up. Most are formatted in a form of a story which the mysterious woman retells of how she returned home after being held against her will for years. And how this formerly blind person suddenly can see again. The format made the flashbacks less irritating. Actually they were more interesting than the sprouting off side-stories about how the quintet of odd-balls she has gathered for an audience are affected.


Things get ridiculous at the end especially with the performance art-like movements the cast has to perform. Not even Mandy Moore’s choreography in LaLaLand was that irritating, and if you read my post on that movie, that’s difficult to outdo.

Was I genuinely interested in the story? The flashbacks with Jason Isaacs, yes, at times. Especially when he’s experimenting on his nude captives.

That made the vstory lapses were more forgivable. Hey, in my teen years, there was this Richard Gere and I tied together in a cell thing I played over and over in my head…


–Ken Choy

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