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Asian Americans Advancing Justice is gathering stories and information regarding hate crimes against Asian Americans.

They’ve created the Stand Against Hate website to collect stories.

Unfortunately, I had to share an immediate and recent one. I filed a restraining order against my neighbor, Josh Rake. As you can read in the notes to the judge, this punk has been vandalizing my house and harassing me. Originally I thought that he was upset because way back in May, I told him not to block my driveway which he continuously was doing when he moved in. But on January 2, I learned the real reason: he is a white supremacist. I’m actually sandwiched in between two white supremacists–the others being Jamie Keyser Thomas of Disney VoluntEARS (can you believe someone with Disney and with Disney Corporate Citizenship is racist? Better believe it) and her husband Mike Thomas (MT Commercial Cleaning Services).

My Story

On January 2, 2017 at approximately 2:15 PM, Josh Rake shouted out in the street while in conversation with someone, “This is a straight white neighborhood,” and his belief that I am “not welcome here.” He enunciated that he could not wait until I leave and promised to do everything he can to make me leave which includes violence and continuing the vandalizing of my property. He directed this at me shouting even louder, “I hope he hears this” while expressing knowledge that “he’s in that house right now.” (as if there’s something wrong with that.)

He boasted about having specific and intimate knowledge of what is locked, what is blocking doors, where cameras were placed, where my security DVR was positioned, how my belongings are situated, and my activity inside the house–details that one would not know without being inside my house or having a monitoring device inside my house.

I bought the house from his parents who also own the house next door which he resides in so until recently, he had access to keys that fit several entrance locks to my house.

He, as one of the two non-property owners on the cul-de-sac, said that he doesn’t know why I bought the house, repeating that “it’s a straight white neighborhood” and using hate slurs such as ‘faggot’ and ‘freak.’

This conversation, clearly directed at me, was loud enough for me to record a portion through double-paned windows inside my house.

In this conversation, he tried to convince the other person that I was to blame for the dissolution of his relationship with the mother of his children as well as the loss of his children. The other person rebuked his contention. This indicates that he’s fixated all his problems and unemployment and blames me for that, he disappointed that he hasn’t received a life that he believes he’s entitled to as what he calls “straight white.”

This unwarranted obsession is unwanted, unreturned, and not fostered.

In this January 2 tirade, Josh Rake brought up the previous direct interaction between us in which I asked him not to block my driveway which he was continuously making a habit of doing. His retelling of this interaction was so fervent with hatred and anger despite the fact that it happened 8 months ago.

He also positioned himself as a victim because I recently installed security cameras and he shouted that, “they’re pointing at me right now.”

As far as Josh Rake’s “can’t waiting for me to move,” I’ve expressed no inclination to move. In fact, I am an officer of the board of the community association, one that oversees an easement behind properties which includes the cul-de-sac that is, contrary to Josh Rake’s desire, is 50% minority owned with 4 out of 12 houses owned by those of Asian descent which he expressed his disgust with and that he promised to do acts that would restore his “straight white” neighborhood. The idea of my moving isn’t derived from me.

On November 3, 2016, I overheard a conversation between Josh Rake and my neighbors on the other side of me in which they expressed interest in my belongings in my house. They observed that I had “been parking in [my] garage now” which they noted was different to how I was parking in my driveway. They noted that it was difficult to tell if I was home or not. They said if Josh Rake doesn’t see me in two days that he should act, conspiring to rob me. Josh Rake also brought up my sexual orientation, using ‘faggot’ and ‘freak’ which he has frequently done.

After the continued blocking of my driveway via double-parking in my driveway, parked cars blocking my driveway, using my driveway to work on his car, etc I asked him not to do that. He stuck his nose in my face, called me an ‘chink faggot’ and screamed in my face, “No shit.” The day after that May conversation, he kicked over my garbage bins and began a period in which he repeatedly performed juvenile vandalizing and hate actions such as:

  • threw litter over the wall including bottle caps, dirty towels, plastic bags, rusty nails, construction debris, cigarette butts, etc
  • buried feces in my front yard
  • sent fireworks on my roof
  • trespassed, using my boundary wall as a ladder for construction of a patio covering which extended onto my property then shaved the large wood blocks off, dropping them in my yard
  • pierced a hole in my garden hose
  • kicked over my garbage cans
  • continually used hate slurs such as ‘freak’ and ‘faggot’

and tried to convince all the Caucasian neighbors into his “straight white neighbor” cause by embellishing details of our interactions.

He’s also swerved his truck at me on several occasions while I was walking on the cul-de-sac street to get my mail.

Here’s the audio of him mouthing off on January 2. Unfortunately the judge said that he couldn’t hear the recording in court because of laws.



Tell your story

I always assume the better of people. So I don’t fastidiously video my every move. Maybe I should.

It’s up to us to tell stories. We all have stories of hate. And we know that crimes against people who are not straight white male are increasing.

If we don’t speak up or at least share our stories on the AAAJ site, things won’t get better.


–Ken Choy


**This is my own sentiments and do not reflect WideLantern in any way.


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