As big as Disney is, it’s difficult to mount a protest that counts. With Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and ABC, the company is omnipresent.


Bob Iger was named a member of Trump’s business advisory council. While he did not attend the first meeting on February 2 due to “scheduling conflicts,” Disney’s CES has not come out against Trump’s actions and policies.

Real O’Neals

An online petition has been collecting signatures against an offensive joke on the ABC comedy, The Real O’Neals. A recent episode has an openly gay character comparing bisexuality to webbed toes and money problems.

Bob Iger’s Straight White Neighborhood

Is this a culture being cultivated by Bob Iger–a straight white neighborhood. Apparently, as I’ve had difficulty to my white supremacist neighbor who has been burying shit in my yard since I moved in a year and a half ago. I only found out the reason why: she’s a white supremacist and a Disney executive. In Disney VoluntEARS, no less.

Sara Ramirez, former star of Grey’s Anatomy and openly bisexualm, tweeted in support of the online petition.

Here’s the online petition demanding that the CEOS and business leaders cease their participation on the council and publicly condemn the Muslim ban.


–Ken Choy



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