Starting tonight, BBC America along with Sundance Channel and AMC will air Planet Earth 2. A follow up to 2006’s documentary series, Sir David Attenborough returns to narrate Planet Earth 2. With footage shot over nearly six years of shooting in over forty countries, the series puts an focus on the damage that man has caused to the great beauty of the world. As dangerous men have come into power in the US including Scott Pruitt who was confirmed as head of the EPA yesterday, the docu-series may be the last time we can share in the wonder of the world.

In the UK, time stopped when the series aired. Viewing parties were held across the nation. According to an interview on Deadline with BBCA president Sarah Barnett, “25% of the population watched it as it aired, and half of the population watched it in a [Live+7] consolidated sense.”

Be sure to watch the last episode on how wildlife survives among Man.


—Ken Choy


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