Trump’s constant attacks on media–encouraging violence against and distrust of the media, outright calling journalist liars–can only lead to one thing: State Run Media.

Government controlled media is indicative of a dictatorship which whether Republicans want to admit it or not, Trump has already moved the nation toward. Anyone who is different is mocked. Anyone who offers a dissenting view is taunted and labeled with a derogatory nickname or adjective. And soon anyone who is not straight white male and rich will have their rights erode. Betsy DeVos will feed government funding toward schools that cater to rich white kids. Scott Pruitt will slash the EPA’s restrictions on drilling, animal welfare, and pollution. Not only will that damage the diversity of wildlife but it will directly affect those in poorer communities by dumping more trash there and legislating less stringent restrictions on air and water quality in those neighborhoods. With the help of the anti-immigration policies as well as repeal of the Affordable Care Act, these policies will cause non-white populations to be priced out of their own houses. That’ll make it easier for ICE to sort through them and deport those not born here.



By repeatedly pounding in his message of a “dishonest media,” Trump lays the groundwork for state run media. His attempts to render the press not only useless but untrustworthy aims to cause an avalanche of negativity toward the press such that he will have “no alternative” but to take control of it.

Listen to how he started his news conference. After starting out disparaging the press and calling them dishonest, he says, “I’m here again, to take my message straight to the people.” He’s doing more than failing to acknowledge their usefulness. He’s acting like the media is HIS TOOL. When he piles on his self-congratulations, he’s essentially saying he knows how to do things better. It’s not too much a leap to realize that he’s headed toward a state controlled media–he loves himself, he loves to control things, he loves people talking about him, and he hates dissent.

What will the sheep say when the freedom of the press is revoked?


–Ken Choy

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