Ben Carson must have seen Leslie Uggams in Anything Goes and thought it was about the granny-slapping antics of slavery. The downside of non-traditional casting is that you get these dumbshits who don’t understand even basic ideas.


For instance, I started blogging for this gay Asian site long ago but removed myself when another contributor wrote that J Edgar Hoover was a hero, based on the fact that Leonard DiCaprio played him in the movie he was reviewing. How fucking dumb can you be!

Apparently brain surgeon and presidential candidate Ben Carson beats that. He compared slaves to immigrants saying that there were immigrants in the bottom of slave ships who were worked harder and were paid less–paid less than whom? Slaves? Worked harder than slaves?–but TOO had dreams. P.S. Slaves dreamed that the nightmare would end of being ripped from their land and their families, many of whom were killed for resisting, and being chained, herded and sold like cattle and enslaved, tortured, raped, and dehumanized. The only thing that they were promised by their enslavers were that their descendants would suffer the same fate.

Check out Samuel L Jackson’s tweet.


Mika Brzezinski’s reaction is priceless as well.


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