Episode 16 “Princess Knight” has Elena entering a fencing tournament ala Mulan. Her grandfather refuses to let her enter out of fear she might get hurt. His reason is that Elena’s mother broke her wrist when competing in the tournament long ago and was forced to withdraw. Despite his protests, Elena trains and enters as an unknown knight. She eventually reaches the final round. Before that commences, she finds out that her opponent’s father, who defeated his mother in the tournament way back when, cheated. And he wants his son to use the same tactic on Elena.

In the final round, Elena avoids the dirty tactic but sprains her ankle. Her grandparents, who had learned the knight’s real identity, gives Elena a locket with her mother’s photo inside. Cue the tears.


Like any good fairy tale, Elena wins, and her opponent eschews his father’s roguery and hands Elena the trophy. Elena takes off her helmet, astonishing the crowd who cheer their princess.

More tears.

It’s no wonder Elena of Avalor merchandising is going through the roof. How can one not love Elena.

Hopefully she’ll get a feature (in-the-movie-theater) film.

(P.S. Disney ABC press site and imdb do not agree on what episode number this is. The former doesn’t list or have any content on the episode.)

–Ken Choy

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