I’m in the middle of a particularly unbearable Scandal episode in which an alternate timeline is told out. Should we pay attention to these storylines, especially when they do not impact or enlighten anything about the “real” storyline?

Scandal has been unbearable and roll-your-eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head inciting for quite a while. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when that happened because the show jumps the shark every ten minutes.

Timeline Forgettable

There’s been several shows who have had alternate timeline sequences, and frankly they are a bore. I can’t remember which shows they are because they are so forgettable. As bothersome as Flash‘s time-jumps and timeline course-corrects are, at least they impact the current storyline and the growth of the characters.


Fitz’s angry glare mirrors impatient viewer’s watching the episode

If you don’t learn anything new about the story or the characters, why bother paying attention?

I’m barely paying attention to the show while typing this, and I wish I could have something else to watch.


UPDATE: SPOILER WARNING: It took an 48 minutes of valuable viewing time (okay, half viewing time…okay quarter-viewing time…but then there’s electricity, impact on irritated stomach, etc) for Olivia Pope to come to a decision to fix Mellie’s election. And isn’t this entire season a flashback? Spare yourself the waste of time, energy, and stomach irritation, and bypass this week’s show.

Frankly, Scandal‘s hit the “Please Get Cancelled” Stage. While Greys semi-recovered from that stage, it took about five years, and it’s still not back.

Next article: Shows in need of Kevorkian. Let’s start with the shows that constantly jump in time, pretending to be Damages.


–Ken Choy

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