I adored the live action version of Beauty and the Beast and was thrilled that there was a temporary installation at Disney’s California Adventure.

There you’ll find Belle’s blue and white outfit as well as one of the roses used in the movie.





You’ll get a sneak preview of the opening number of the movie. In 3D. It’ll make you want to see it in 3D if you haven’t already. For some reason, we kept getting sprinkled on during the preview. I wasn’t sure whether it was a leaky air conditioning or it was an out of whack special effect. It seemed to be dripping more during the water splash scenes in the movie however it then kept on dripping afterwards!

No one said anything about it being 4D.

Even at Downtown Disney–now a safe zone so security checkpoints are before you go into the shopping district–there is very little merchandise for Beauty and the Beast. My friend who is a cast member says there is a pop-up shop in Disneyland.

P.S. This weekend special Sing-Along screenings start.

–Ken Choy

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