Beauty and the Beast comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD today.

Among the featurettes is one about the making of “Be Our Guest.” Emma Watson describes it as the most boring scene she’s ever had to film. For two weeks, she had to react to things that weren’t there.

However not everything was filled in later with CGI. Furniture rolled in on cue, and legendary lighting designers Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer lit everything on-stage based on their imagination and pre-vis. They tried to figure out how light would react when hitting an imaginary object, which then was later added in CGI. A real-world object stood in for backplate shooting to give the CGI artists a framework to match the real-world lighting.


According to director Bill Condon, it took over six months to plan and a month to shoot with an additional 15 months for the CGI work to be completed. He calls it the most complicated musical sequence ever filmed.

The featurette can be accessed on the Disney Movies Anywhere site if a digital copy of the movie is purchased. Look for it in “Music & More” not in the “Bonus Featurettes” section.

–Ken Choy

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