I let the cat out of the bag while I was in the midst of a food show and didn’t have time to post about this accurately until now.

I’ll be returning to San Diego Comic-Con with a panel called “Writing the Wrong.” I like to call it, “What the Fuck Am I Doing Wrong?” It’s on what writers do wrong.

I’m taking a unique approach to the panel. Instead of a huge number of panelists with time enough for each one to only chime in twice during an hour period, I’m limiting the number of panelists to four and maybe even three. Each panelist will have 8-9 minutes primarily to themselves, with minimal interruption for a question. They’ll concentrate on their personal ‘What Not to Do’ list. It’s very much a mini-Master class from each of the panelists.

We’ll also spend a little time on Righting the Wrong, on how a writer can advance diversity and effect social change through their writing.

Comic-Con has asked program participants not to release the date and time of the approved panel until SDCC finalization.

Exclusive to SDCC

Carol Kirschner, head of three important industry programs (WGA Showrunners Program, Humanitas New Voices Program, and the CBS Diversity Institute’s Writers Mentoring Program) will provide exclusive insight on what applicants to the Mentoring Program do wrong. WOW!!!!

This could be life changing for a lot of people.

Stay tuned for more details…which will be released in as a suspenseful way as possible.


–Ken Choy

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