I am obsessed with Maimoa Music.


Never heard of them. Neither had I until a friend posted their video of their latest song, Wairua, on Facebook.


I watched it then watched it over and over again. I’ve probably viewed the video over 50 times and still can’t get enough. I’ve watched it more than the Beauty and the Beast Vevo clips, and that’s saying something.

Who are they? They’re a group of young Maori singers. Very attractive young singers. With hot guys. They’ve had a previous chart-topping song, Maimoatia, that even bested Justin Timberlake to take #1 in New Zealand.


I’ve watched every single of their Facebook videos and searched every one of their names. I am totally obsessed with them. Granted, I don’t know what they’re saying. But I love them anyway. “Wairua” means spirit.

The video features Will Cribb aka William Wairua, an internet personality/comedian.

Watch it, but I guarantee they’re addicting.

–Ken Choy

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