You might have thought me mad for predicting Wonder Woman would reach the #2 position in 2017 box office receipts.

However this weekend, the movie still is besting Beauty and the Beast’s 4th weekend showing by about 2 million. Now there are a lot of factors including season, genre, and the fact that audiences turned out in droves for BATB in the first two weeks.

As I mentioned, both hit the 20th day mark on a Wednesday. BATB would add over $100 million to its receipts after that. Wonder Woman has been matching or besting BATB’s daily receipts, according to BoxOfficeMojo.

Here’s a comparison courtesy of that site:

Beauty and the Beast


Wonder Woman


BoxOfficeMojo reports that WW will soon surpass the take of Batman V.Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is $62 million away from overtaking Guardians of the Galaxy 2 to become the #2 movie of 2017.

I have to go and see the movie. Yes, I had planned to but my sleep disorder got in the way. I’m making my way to you, Wonder Woman! And hopefully help you get to #2.

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–Ken Choy

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