Much has been written–and especially tweeted–about the Barnes and Noble website failing on July 20.

But now, Barnes and Noble just spit in your face.

For background, Funko offered select retailers Convention Exclusives, toys only available at Comic-Con. The only difference with these toys and the ones sold at the actual San Diego Comic-Con was the sticker on the packaging. Shortly after midnight on Thursday the 20th, the toys were supposed to be available online. That wasn’t so with Barnes and Noble.

After thirty minutes, I went to sleep. Due to my sleep apnea, I woke 90 minutes later and tried to purchase some of the exclusives. The web site kept crashing. I’d get to different stages, even to the checkout page, but then it deleted my log in information, and I’d have to start all over again. I went through ebates to get to

There are about 42 visits.


See that one Wal-mart visit? I was able to make purchases with Wal-mart, Target, and Hot Topic for different exclusives with absolutely no problem.

I used both my laptop and iPhone with no success.

I rushed to get ready to get in line. I got there at 5AM which was probably 12 hours too late. The opportunity to buy Funkos at Comic-C0n is by lottery wristband. I didn’t even get a chance to get a ‘no’ wristband–they were all out of both lucky and unlucky wristbands.

I tried to checkout later in the day, and they were all sold out.

I called some stores and even pulled off the 15 freeway to check a store.

But I kept getting emails from Barnes and Noble saying to hurry up and buy them before they’re gone.

And now, the Monday after the Con closed, I get this while browsing.



Of course I clicked on the link.

Do you see me happy and with a Harry Potter on broom?


–Ken Choy

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