I was derided about my prediction that Wonder Woman would reach the #2 movie of 2017 (thus far).

My post two and a half weeks ago consisted of a forecast that Wonder Woman would surpass Guardians of the Galaxy to join Beauty and the Beast as the top 2 films of the year. That was when it was nearly 100 million away from that goal.

Well, this weekend it’s estimated that WW would reach 368 million, just about 17 million away from #2. Since its release, the Gal Gadot movie has not dropped lower than #4 for the week. In fact, this week is it’s lowest showing so far since it’s release 6 weeks ago.

This week, Deadline Hollywood joined me in my prediction, stating their prediction that the movie will top out at 380 million. Of course, I predict a better showing, and this week’s results support that.

Here Comes Spidey

Granted, female-led movies stronghold on the top 2 movies of 2017 may be short-lived. Spiderman: Homecoming will have a spectacular showing this weekend, bringing an estimated 117 million. That’s about 6 million more than WW took in its opening weekend.

Regardless, it’s an awesome showing for female-led movies.

And P.S., I was right!


–Ken Choy

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