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I was all set to write an instructional manual on how to WIN at Barnes & Noble sales.

Frequently, the retail book store chain puts items on sale for 30%. Then 50%. Then 75%. And as I recently found out, SOMETIMES drop every sale item to $2. The last time they did that was after Christmas. $2 sale started the 2nd week of January. It seems they start the $2 sale on Tuesdays.

What are these sale items? Not just books but entertainment collectibles such as Funko dolls, action figures, licensed puzzles, clothing, and mug, etc. High value items that were priced at $200 were dropped to $2. I jumped up and down when I hit the payload on the Tuesday I left for CES. The Santa Monica store had 5 Harry Potter watches for $2, regular $50.

I fastidiously researched their site’s sale tabs and well as found items through their search field. I checked every item that I wanted for the store availability.


I made a haphazard chart. I saved every item to my wishlist. I then went to each store searching for those items that the web site inventory said they had. Often the store inventory would report items that weren’t there, most likely due to customer pilfering. But I did have success.

So after last week’s 75% sale, I was all set to go to stores first thing on Tuesday to get $2 items.

Not So Fast

Turns out on Monday, prices changed to 30% off. And some of the items were removed from inventory, most likely sent back to the manufacturer or worse, a fireside retailer like Big Lots. I gambled on not buying stuff I wanted, hoping to save $6 or so on those bigger items. Turns out, I’m the loser on that bet.

There are some GREAT things that went on 30% yesterday, a lot of statuettes from Marvel, Star Wars, and DC.



Hopefully they’ll make it to the $2 sale.

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