About Wide Lantern


Hollywood is basically pretty cool.  No doubt, the entertainment industry churns out lots of stuff you don’t want to miss.

But communities of color are woefully underrepresented in Hollywood, both onscreen and behind the scenes.   A lot of original work is being done on the fringes of (and entirely outside of) the studio system, but it’s not always easy to find and enjoy it.

Wide Lantern will change that.  We’re staffed by entertainment industry professionals and working artists with a common goal: to go beyond the mainstream by creating a truly diverse site, bringing you cross-cultural entertainment, news and commentary — mainly entertainment-based, but we’ll cover political stories as well — that reflects the face of America today.  Everyone included, no one left out.  We want you to be a part of this new community.

We’ll start by bringing you the best of what’s already out there, plus our spin on entertainment/culture/the political scene.  Eventually we’ll empower artists to produce their own brand-new content.  If you subscribe or at least check back often, you’ll be in the loop when that happens….

Keep you posted.  Meanwhile, thanks for checking us out and spreading the word.  Enjoy — together!